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    In 2003 we set to work on this CD.  A number of things were happening at this time that were crushing my spirit.  Our church experienced over twenty deaths (members or immediate family of members) in two years.  I had contracted a viral infection in my lungs and breathing was difficult and preaching was next to impossible. Out of this came a collection of songs about the longing for heaven.  Each of the songs has some reference to the believer’s desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. I recorded this collection over several months in DeLand, Florida and then Ed Billock added his excellent touches and mixed the final product.  We tried to expand the vocal and musical sounds on this record and saving a couple of glitches (one minor, one major) came up with an excellent album. The intent behind this collection was to fill the hearts and minds of God’s people with many differing views of their blessed hope.

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Far Away
Praise the Lamb
He’s Almost Got It Ready
What Will It Be?
The Cry for Peace
Sailing With You
Beyond the River
Prince of Peace Intro
Prince of Peace

Me and My Best Friend
When I Hear the Praises Start*
Running Out of Time
Beyond the River (Alternate Take)
Running Out of Time (Alternate Take)

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