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    How can you blame me for this?  I don’t set out to write songs.  They just arrive and I pass them on.  This collection of lyrics and the tunes which accompany them are unlike anything ever recorded.  They are intensely humorous and unmistakably hostile toward all that sets itself against the honor and majesty of the one true God – the Lord Jesus Christ. In the summer of 2005 I found a collection of old folk recordings from the 1920s and 1930s.  Listening to these sixty+ songs rekindled in me a surge of creativity that had been dormant for a decade.  Most of the material on this album was composed during a two-week span in July 2005. I recorded a few of these songs with Charlie in the spring of 2006 and laid down the basic tracks for the rest with Lilian in April 2008.  The following month Ed Billock added his expert guitar work to the project.  The mixing was ably handled by Casey Harr.

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When You Don’t Love Me
I Miss My Little Mohammed
Old Joe Smith

Slowly Turns the Second Hand
Big Fat Buddha Blues
Send the Cash
Baby Baptizing Serenade
Sell Them Watchtowers
Dig Me Up (The Christian Science Hymn)
If the Church is Having Dinner
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out
You’re In Hell (Requiem for Charlie Darwin)
Million Dollar Bash
In My N.I.V.
Babylon City Blues
Our Lady of the Pedophiles
It’s A Christian Song Now


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