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    This collection of songs was recorded for the purpose of witnessing to my childhood and school days pals.  I was saved the winter following my high school graduation.  It had been many years since I had last seen and witnessed to most of the old crowd and I wanted very much to let them know that the choice I had made to follow Jesus had been the right one.  I sought to testify to them that the path I had taken had been blessed indeed.  These songs were chosen from those I had written because they best told the tale of the life I had left them to pursue.The Desert of the Sea was recorded at Slip Shot Studios in Homer City, Pennsylvania.  It was mastered by Bill Citeroni who produced the work along with Ed Billock.  Ed played guitar and sang harmonies on the record as did Charlie McEnytre.  Charlie also played his harmonica and Bill put down some keyboard tracks.  My wife, Lilian can also be heard on harmonies. The style of the album is very simple.  These are folk tunes with strong melodies. 

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Jesus Knows My Name
The Secret of the Lord
A Roaring Lion
A Way in A Manger
The Patience Song
I’ll Be Praising You
Don’t Have To Go To Know
Psalms 61
So Glad
Any More Alive
Jesus the Name
Why Don’t You Turn
I’ll Be Praising You (Alternate Take)

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